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No Medicinal Pot in New Hampshire

Posted by admin on September 22, 2009

People who were hoping for medicinal marijuana to become legal in the state of New Hampshire are waking up to dashed hopes today. The Senate fell short by two votes to be able to pass the bill. This happened despite the House#8217;s clear message to pass (240 to 115) even over the Governor#8217;s objections. (Please note that this is a corrected version #8211; it is NH, not New Jersey, as originally posted. #8211; Marijke)
As usual, the opponents to legalizing medicinal marijuana say that there is the potential for abuse, use would set a #8220;bad example#8221; to children, and that the bill wasn#8217;t restrictive enough.
Medicinal marijuana has been found to help some people manage chronic pain, nausea due to illness or treatment, and help with other types of side effects or sympt…

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