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Fact-checking Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey

Posted by admin on September 22, 2009

This report from USA Today tells the story of several patients who were harassed and threatened by federal agents. Excerpt:  #8221;In August 2002, federal agents seized six plants from [Diane] Monson#8217;s home and destroyed them.#8221;
This report from the San Francisco Chronicle tells the story of Bryan Epis and Ed Rosenthal.  Both men, in separate incidents, were raided, arrested, and prosecuted by federal officials.  The feds called them #8220;drug dealers.#8221;  When the cases came to trial, both men were eager to inform their juries about the actual circumstances surrounding their cases#8211;but they were not allowed to convey those circumstances to jurors.  Federal prosecutors insisted that information concerning the medical aspect of marijuana was #8220;irrele…

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